After Man’s Wife Was Killed By an Undocumented Immigrant, He Was Reminded Why He Voted for Trump


President Trump takes the time to PROVE what kind of President he is. Obama just told everyone how great he was.

Actions speak louder than words and President Trump is making some serious noise. Taking the time out of his very busy presidential schedule to comfort a family tragically affected by an illegal alien. Trump understands what a serious problem illegal immigration has become due to a broken system. Too many American families share this same kind of tragic story.

An illegal who had already been deported numerous times managed to come back and commit the ultimate crime of manslaughter. How and why are they able to repeatedly come into the country and commit crimes? This is exactly what Trump wants to get to the bottom of.

Via IJR:

Sandra Duran was on her way home from church in February when she was struck by a drunk driver at a Los Angeles intersection. The 42-year-old died as a result of the crash.

The man behind the wheel was undocumented immigrant Estuardo Alvarado, 45, who had been deported five times since 1998. According to Los Angeles Times, he was deported as recently as 2011.

Just before causing the accident that killed Sandra, Alvarado had been speeding away from an accident he had caused elsewhere when he ran a red light.

Now, Sandra’s fiancé Rodrigo Macias has been fighting to make changes to what he calls a “broken system.” He told “Fox & Friends.”

His message to Fox News was clear:

“People watching that are for sanctuary cities need to pay attention what is going on in these cities. I mean, we have these criminals that are roaming around the cities, and us not being protected as American citizens.

Our life is broken forever. As a matter of fact, if there was an American citizen that had that rap sheet, that had those multiple felonies, multiple D.U.I.’s, I wouldn’t be speaking to you right now.”

After telling his harrowing story on “Fox & Friends,” Macias got a special phone call from an unexpected person — the President of the United States. The Los Angeles Daily News reported that President Trump told Macias and his family to “stay strong” during such difficult times.

He was quickly reminded about why he voted for Trump in the first place:

“It tells you a lot about this president. You can’t have the local mayor do that, but the president of the U.S. went out of his way to do that. I’m very glad my fiancée and I voted for him. In fact, I’m extremely happy.”

Alvarado is being held on a $2.18 million bond and has pleaded not guilty to the five felony charges in the case which include gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and murder.

He returns to court in April.

Only two months in and Donald Trump is proving to care more about the American people than Obama did in eight years.

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