Actor James Woods Has a BRILLIANT Idea To Teach ‘Dirtbag’ Kaepernick a Lesson…JOIN IN AMERICA!!!


When an actor comes out to voice his or her “opinion,” a few more ears go up than normal. And when someone like James Woods opens his mouth, even more ears tune in to see what is being said. His recent advice to the American people over Kaepernick’s “protest” is already creating a buzz, one that will make things quite interesting as the NFL season is about to get underway.

Not one to mince words, Woods had some rather strong sentiments for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and some advice for fans unhappy with his actions:boycott the 49ers and their sponsors…

Whether you are an elite or just one of the little people, when someone wants to capture your attention, one of the most effective ways is through the wallet. If you compromise someone’s money stream, most often the ideologue turns quiet.

Without a doubt, the idea that this might actually happen has probably already bounced off the conference room walls at the 49ers head office.

And Woods didn’t stop there. He went on to chastise the whole of the NFL for its biased and pantywaist approach to players using their status as members to grandstand, politically and ideologically, under the NFL banner.

“Kaepernick doesn’t stand for the national anthem, Rams players can walk onto the field with their hands up for the ‘hands up don’t shoot,’ and other players can wear t-shirts saying ‘I can’t breathe.’ But the Dallas Cowboys can’t put a sticker on their helmets for the 5 police officers who were killed. Way to go NFL….” Woods tweeted out additionally.

Woods went on to suggest that people who are outraged at both Kaepernick and the NFL could affect a message to both by boycotting their sponsors. For his part, Kaepernick has doubled-down on his claim that America is an inequitable and systematically racist nation. He will continue to sit the National Anthem out.

It cannot be denied that Kaepernick has a right to his political free speech. It is protected by the First Amendment. In fact, even if the NFL had a rule that all team personnel must stand for the National Anthem – like the NBA – all it could do to Kaepernick is fine him and perhaps suspend him. Even then, however, a court challenge would most likely find that his constitutional rights were violated.

What is in question here is the appropriateness of the venue for his message and whether or not he is not only abusing his celebrity status by using it as a ideological and political stage, but also if he is attempting to coerce his fans into believing in a false-flag issue based on inaccuracies, misconceptions, and, in many cases, lies.

Kaepernick’s selfish actions will, undoubtedly, affect his team, i.e. morale, revenue, camaraderie, stature, etc. Whether or not he feels this issue is important enough to harm his existence is irrelevant to the fact that his actions are encroaching on his teammates and the NFL. Kaepernick’s actions, by definition, are elitist and narcissistic.

For a man whose father abandoned him, who was adopted by loving parents, and who was lucky enough to rise to the level of playing a professional sport that delivered unto him millions of dollars—for him to berate the country that gave him all of that is stunning in its ignorance.

Kaepernick would have served his cause better if he would have taken his coddled, ungrateful butt into the neighborhoods to affect a meeting of the minds between law enforcement and the black community.

Or better yet, visit ALL poor neighborhoods and find out the true problems, because contrary to what everyone believes, these problems run rampant in both Black and White poor communities.


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