A Teacher Asked Her Students What They Wish She Knew. Their Responses Are Heartbreaking


Kids’ minds are often not understood by adults, but you just have to ask the right questions. These responses are heartbreaking….

#1 This is Kyle Schwartz, a 3rd grade teacher in Denver, CO

92% of her students require subsidized lunches, and she assigned a project to get to know her students better.


#2 She asked her class to write down something they would like her to know

Because kids have an easier time writing down the things that are tough to say, she got many responses that she did not expect, like this one.


#3 Some of them are heartbreaking

And we are giving theses kids the benefit of the doubt here, hopefully she is not just skipping her reading homework….


#4 This one is just sad

This is something this child would likely never have been able to verbalize.


#5 This third graders wanted his/her teacher to know that they try

Because not all that try their hardest end up with an ‘A’ on their report card.


#6 Kids need an outlet….

Whether it is a counselor or a notecard intended for the teacher, this is all very healthy.


#7 This poor kid feels picked on

Surely Ms. Schwartz will do her best to make sure this child feels more included within the class.

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  1. BJ Drwenski

    March 24, 2016 at 8:27 pm

    Every child has a story. Some Moms and Dads are working 2 jobs to meet the necessity’s in life.

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