A Man Had His Body Photoshopped To Show Different Beauty Standards Around The World


Narrow mindedness can result in standards of beauty that are rather hazardous to the health of both, men as well as women. Super drug Online Doctor is an online medical service from the UK which commissioned graphic designers across nineteen countries to edit the picture of a guy on Photoshop. This was meant to make the guy seem ‘more attractive to all and sundry. 2014 Photoshop series by Esther Honig inspired this project where graphic designers edited the body of a lady.


Just so that it is clear, the guy himself volunteered to offer the picture to the company. 40 percent of men in the research feel anxiety and pressure to have clean shaven bodies, as per the research by Superdrug Online Doctor. However, various locations, sample sizes as well as time frames can change the results of surveys . The conclusion was that men and women, both suffer from varying standards of beauty of the world.




A statement by the researchers mentions that men go through this just as much as women with low body confidence. The standards set for them are not only shallow but often unattainable. A 2012 survey also became inspiration for this project, which was carried out by the University of the West of England. The survey concluded that men feel more under pressure compared to women who wish to be slim. A survey by Glamour and Ohio State University in 2014 proved that 80% of the 1,000 female participants felt bad as they looked at themselves in a mirror.




A few of the pictures you see in this project feature men with long hair and six pack abs. At the same time some people did not bother changing the body of the man too drastically. While a few pictures show similar muscle tone, others make him seem much slimmer than he is.Superdrug Online Doctor has plans to conduct more of such projects in the future.




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