Town Fines Elderly Woman For Unsightly Lawn. When She Tries Cutting It With A Pocket Knife, Her Whole Community Steps Up


As we get older, performing physical activities becomes more and more difficult. But sometimes they’re required: towns enforce laws making residents shovel snow off the sidewalk in the wintertime, for example.

And in many places, people are required to mow their lawns and keep their property clean. If they don’t, they receive a fine.

Some elderly people need assistance in doing both of these things, and maybe can’t afford to pay a service to do it for them. Neighbors will do what they can, but sometimes don’t realize the extent of a neighbor’s need until confronted with it.

This was the case of Joyce Albright, whose lawn had become unsightly, in the eyes of the town, and so she was fined.

But what people did not know, was that her lawn mower had broken down, and that she had to resort to using a pocket knife to fix up her property.

Although the fee had been repealed, Joyce still needed to find an efficient way to cut her grass.

That’s when her kindhearted community stepped in to help: many heard about her predicament, and offered to help her!

Everyone from neighbors to strangers to even a local lawn service offered to clean up the space, so that it could once again comply with the city’s standards.

Please SHARE if you know an elderly individual in your neighborhood who could use your help with arduous chores like lawn mowing, and if you plan to help them out this season!

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  1. Jeff Hubbard

    February 12, 2017 at 5:58 pm

    It would be a great idea to source where I live and see older families who need help.

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