9/11 Victim’s Final Words Are Just As Heartbreaking Today As They Were 15 Years Ago…



American insurance executive Kevin Cosgrove’s telephone call from inside the World Trade Center’s South Tower moments before it fell made international headlines back in 2001. The clip has now gone viral once again, ahead of the tragedy’s 15th anniversary on Sunday.

In the audio clip, you can hear Kevin describe how the air around him is slowly becoming thick with smoke. Eventually, the phone line cuts out as the tower comes crashing down, with Kevin and his colleagues sadly inside. They were killed instantly.


The clip makes for difficult listening, especially towards the end when you finally reach Kevin’s last words. Please be aware that the clip contains content that many of you will find distressing. So if you’re sure you can handle it, head over to the next page to listen in full. During the phone call, Kevin expresses concern for his family, which included his wife and three young children: “My wife thinks I’m all right, I called and said I was leaving the building and that I was fine, and then bang!”The events that shook the world on 9/11 changed American history forever. But what about the leaders that were presiding over America at the time? George Bush was the president at the time, and these photos taken moments after the attacks tell more than words ever could.

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