9 Teens Arrested for Sexually Assaulting Students with Baseball Bats, Pipes and Coke Bottles—For Years


Despicable acts of sexual penetration forced upon students in Texas comes to light.

Nine teens from a high school in Texas have been arrested on alleged charges of sexual assault on younger students. All members of a sports team these boys would take freshmen and sophomores into the locker room and proceed to penetrate the rectum using various items such as a baseball bat or broomstick. Apparently, this behavior has been occurring for years now and could result in further arrests of students who have already graduated.

Via IJR:

According to reports from Fox4 San Antonio, seven underage students and two adult high schoolers in La Vernia were arrested over the allegations, which police now believe have been going on since 2014.

Police have reported that the athletes involved were sexually assaulting freshman and sophomores by taking them into the locker room and shoving foreign objects such as “coke bottles,” “baseball bats,” and other painful objects into their rectums.

Since the shocking news broke, La Vernia High School Superintendent Jose Moreno addressed the matter on the school district’s Facebook page:

What is wrong with juveniles nowadays? Before even beginning life, these children have already established a criminal record that includes sexual assault, premeditated crime, and gang activity in the form of a high school football team. Not the best way to start off is it?

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