Do You Have These 3 Facial Features? If You DO You MIGHT Just Be A Criminal



Ever heard of the nature-vs-nurture debate? It’s a discussion rooted deep in genetics and psychology and implies that our behaviour can be reduced down to being influenced by our nature and genes, or by our environment and the way that we are brought up.

Considered by many to be an unanswerable question, it’s a debate that often splits opinion. However, new evidence has now thrown this argument into disarray, as scientists have identified certain genetic traits which could mean that you are more likely to become a criminal.


Not only have scientists found a correlation between genes and the likelihood of committing a criminal offence, but they’ve found that there are certain facial features that could indicate how likely it is that you could turn to crime.

When your parents say not to hang around with certain kids because they “look like trouble”, it turns out that they might be right. Researchers at Shanghai Jiao Tong University have created an algorithm that can identify facial features of criminals.

Researchers singled out certain facial features and analysed 1,856 faces of Chinese men aged 18 to 55, with 730 men classified as criminals. Researchers found that small mouths, curvy upper lips and close-set eyes indicate that you have criminal tendencies. This was found by allocating four “classifiers” which the algorithm used to search the submitted profiles.

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Researchers have commented on the study, saying that: “All four classifiers perform consistently well and produce evidence for the validity of automated face-induced inference on criminality, despite the historical controversy surrounding the topic. Unlike a human examiner/judge, a computer vision algorithm or classifier has absolutely no subjective baggages, having no emotions, no biases whatsoever due to past experience, race, religion, political doctrine, gender, age, etc, no mental fatigue, no preconditioning of a bad sleep or meal.”

However, this study has not been peer-reviewed, so may not stand up if it were to be rigorously tested. Now that I’ve learned this crucial information, I’m going to be looking particularly suspiciously at anyone who is unfortunate enough to have eyes close together. I’m watching you, punk.

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