20 Of The Most Bizarre Photo’s Ever Taken.The Internet Can’t Even Explain Them!


VIA| Photographs are a funny thing. The world is filled with them and each day that we wake up brings a new crop into existence. People like taking pictures and they never really know what’s going to come from them. A simple everyday photo might turn into something funny or something that needs to be explained.

Of course some things need less of an explanation than others. While your reaction when looking at one picture might be “what is that?” your reaction to another photo might be “why!?” or a shocking “what the hell?” Some of what you will see here below will bring about those exact reactions and I’m sure some other ones as well.

You also will always come across the pictures that are just flat out funny. Like the sign for the town that has a population of one, or a very up close photo of a dog’s nose. Of course the photo of a man sitting down with a human head on the floor between his feet will also raise a few questions as well.

Continue reading and you’ll see some of the weirdest, silliest and funniest photos that you have ever seen. Well, at least the weirdest, silliest and funniest that you have seen today!

#1. Umm?

British and Japanese artist-designers Michael Burton and Michiko Nitta have designed this suit to fuel the body. It’s called the Algaculture suit and it’s supposed to allow a person to get their nutrients from a photosynthetic process. What?

I think I’ll stick with breathing and eating regularly. That can’t be comfortable at all. Not to mention the other daily drawbacks!


Top Media / YouTube

#2. Grab your glasses!

This photo was taken of a page from a book that is said to be written around the 1490’s. It’s a To-Do list that was written by Leonardo DaVinci.

It’s actually a very interesting list and not what you might find on the regular Joe’s fridge!

It reads:

“Leonardo DaVinci’s To Do List
Buried in one of these books, dating back to around the 1490s, is a to-do list:

[Calculate] the measurement of Milan and Suburbs

[Find] a book that treats of Milan and its churches, which is to be had at the stationer’s on the way to Cordusio

[Discover] the measurement of Corte Vecchio (the courtyard in the duke’s palace).

[Discover] the measurement of the castello (the duke’s palace itself)

Get the master of arithmetic to show you how to square a triangle.

Get Messer Fazio (a professor of medicine and law in Pavia) to show you about proportion.

Get the Brera Friar (at the Benedictine Monastery to Milan) to show you De Ponderibus (a medieval text on mechanics)

[Talk to] Giannino, the Bombardier, re. the means by which the tower of Ferrara is walled without loopholes (no one really knows what Da Vinci meant by this)

Ask Benedetto Potinari (A Florentine Merchant) by what means they go on ice in Flanders

Draw Milan

Ask Maestro Antonio how mortars are positioned on bastions by day or night.

[Examine] the Crossbow of Mastro Giannetto

Find a master of hydraulics and get him to tell you how to repair a lock, canal and mill in the Lombard manner

[Ask about] the measurement of the sun promised me by Maestro Giovanni Francese

Try to get Vitolone (the medieval author of a text on optics), which is in the Library at Pavia, which deals with the mathematic.”

All in a day’s work right?

Grab your glasses!

The Royal Collection

#3. Is this a cat?

This one might throw you off. It’s a close up photo of a dog’s nose. It looks like it might be some kind of freaky cat but it’s actually the front of a dog. Why the photo was taken is a complete mystery.

#4. Weren’t the 60’s great?

The 60’s were the time of peace and love and of course plenty of drugs. Here 7-UP put together a marketing campaign that was geared to the country’s LSD users.

The work itself is kind of cool as it has a lot of things intertwining with others. However it looks more like something that you would find on the side of Scooby Doo’s van “The Mystery Machine”.

Weren't the 60's great?

J. Walter Thompson Company

#5. Skin shirt?

This is just plain disgusting. Dr. Masaichi Fukushi was the founder of the only collection in the world of tattoos of dead people. No, not renderings of dead people tattooed on something, he collected the actual tattoos that came from dead people. They were removed from the deceased person for his collection.

Fukushi was alive from 1878 until 1956 and he certainly had many other choices of things to collect. I’m pretty sure they had baseball cards back then didn’t they?facebook

Skin shirt?

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