10 Yrs After Brother Dies, She Gets to Dance With Girl Who Received His Heart


 Her 15th birthday quinceañera celebration turned out to be more special than most, when she was surprised by a fellow teenager carrying something that meant very much to both of them: the heart of her brother.

Monique Salinas’ brother Mikey died in a car accident ten years ago while Aubrey Reeves, simultaneously miles away in Wichita Falls, Texas, was suffering from a fatal congenital heart disease and living with the odds of finding a transplant match like winning the lottery.

Yet somehow even with the unlikely odds, Mikey’s heart and kidney were positive matches for Aubrey.

Now 18-years-old, Aubrey was invited to fly out to Benavides for the food and dancing–and to offer  the Salinas’s a reunion with the heartbeat they haven’t heard in 10 years.

(WATCH the tearful reunion above from KIII-TV)


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