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10 Mystical Forests Everyone Needs To Visit


I’m lucky enough to live in the Pacific Northwest, and aside from hipsters and imminent megathrust earthquakes, we have some of the most beautiful forests I’ve ever set foot in.

The massive trees, the undergrowth of ferns, the moss on everything; I love it all. But my neck of the woods aren’t the only ones worth taking a hike through.

Check out these 10 amazing, mystical forests from around the world.

Taipingshan, Taiwan

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Beskydy Mountains, Czech Republic980x (2)

Hallerbos, Belgium

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Kvacianska Dolina, Slovakia980x (4)

Haute-loire, France

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Ghost Tree Forest Mt. Seymour, British Columbia

980x (6)

Glendalough, County Wicklow, Ireland

980x (7)
North Greenwich, London, England

980x (8)

Monforte De Lemos, Galicia, Spain

980x (9)
White Carpathians

980x (10)


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