1 Year Ago, Trump Rode Down An Escalator And Said Something America Will Never Forget


Source| One year ago today, Donald Trump rode down an escalator at Trump Towers and said something that changed politics in America — he announced his candidacy for president of the United States.

In a Facebook post, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee said this was only the beginning of a movement that sought to change the direction in which the country has been going.

Trump said he was honored to be the man that emerged from a pool of 17 experienced and talented candidates.

He added that part of his success lay in the fact that his message “resonated with hard-working Americans” who had grown weary of the “DC-centric way of thinking” that is “no longer capable of leading our country.”

The New York businessman also told his supporters that the confidence they placed in him had resulted many victories and was “truly heartwarming.”

The real estate mogul wrote that his campaign was one of honesty and substance that created “much-needed dialogue around the important issues facing our country.”

We must continue to strive towards beating Crooked Hillary in November and Making ALL of America Great Again!” he concluded.

There is no doubt Trump has changed the political landscape in America. One year ago, no one could have ever guessed that Trump would have made it as far as he has. He has managed to prove all of the naysayers wrong while still managing to hold on to his initial ideas of protecting the border, taking care of vets and fighting the scourge of political correctness that threatens to ruin our country.

It’s been an unpredictable year to say the least, and it’s not over yet. In many ways, this election is just beginning.

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