The 1 Strange Detail That May Prove Kim’s Entire Armed Robbery Story Was a Lie



Armed robbers that victimized Kim Kardashian while in her Paris, France, suite early Monday morning.

It was reported by the likes of TMZ that two to five armed robbers dressed as policemen entered the Hotel de Pourtalès where Kardashian was staying, tied up the concierge, entered her suite, tied her up and then made off with an estimated $10 million worth of jewelry.

However, there was at least one seemingly minor detail that poked a huge hole in her story: There were no signs of forced entry on the armored door that protected the lavish suite.

Kardashian also recalled being tied up with zip ties and duct tape, but there has been no evidence of any injuries she would likely have sustained in such an event, like minor abrasions on her wrists or bruising from being grabbed by therobbers.

Furthermore, Kardashian was reportedly alone in the room, as her ever-present bodyguard named Pascal was at a nearby nightclub watching over Kardashian sisters Kourtney and Kendall. He was said to have arrived back at the hotel mere moments after the robbers had departed.

There are some who have taken these few clues together to speculate that the entire ordeal may have been an “inside job,” so to speak, something that Paris police are reportedly checking into.

Other have taken the suggestion that this was an inside job to further speculate the reason why such an incident would be staged, with the most common explanation being insurance fraud, as husband Kanye West was reportedly deeply in debt following the dismal failure of his attempt at marketing a clothing line.

Regardless, it can be assured that the mainstream media will continue to report breathlessly on this incident, as they have a strange and inexplicable fascination with all things Kardashian.

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